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A Milestone in Slit Lamp Engineering

Inspired to take the best that exists and make it better we created a slit lamp that pushes the boundaries of performance, reliability and total cost of ownership. Designed without compromise, new levels of tissue observation and unprecedented field of views have been achieved. The breakthrough 4300K LED illumination delivers radiant light and high-contrast anterior segment viewing that impresses even the most discerning eye care physicians.

Breakthrough Colour Temperature

IBEX’s LED driven 4300K color temperature breaks the barriers of conventional slit lamp observation. The homogenous radiant white light delivers a host of observation gains including enhanced tissue fluorescence, better tissue differentiation, increased depth of field and shadow reduction – the latter is especially useful during increasingly popular indirect illumination.

Test Drive IBEX for 60-Days

The best way for you to experience an IBEX Slit Lamp is to take it for a Test Drive. In fact, we offer all customers an unprecedented 60-day Test Drive and Money Back Guarantee. Since introducing IBEX Slit Lamps in 2012, more than 98% of our customers love it’s performance. We’re confident that you’ll feel the same way!

Three-Year Comprehensive Warranty

IBEX Slit Lamps are guaranteed for thirty-six months against faulty workmanship, materials or factory assembly. The Warranty is a Return-To-Base (RTB) Basis at the cost of the customer. All parts and services rendered are included at no additional cost to the customer and in most cases the work is completed within 2-3 working days.

The IBEX LED is designed to operate with consistency for 15,000-20,000 hours of continuous use and therefore is considered as a non-consumable item.

Unrivalled Price

For independent eyecare professionals only: $ 4,195.00 CAD

By working directly with ECPs there is no haggling with reps to cut a deal, allowing us to offer complete transparency in our pricing.

IBEX Slit Lamps are 95% pre-assembled, packed into our easy to carry proprietary two-box design and shipped direct to your office. Unpacking and installation takes 20 minutes or less and includes an over-sized Quick Setup Guide.


LED Single Element
Illumination Color White
Color Temperature 4300(K)
Minimum Intensity 24,164 lux
Maximum Intensity More than 1,000,000 lux
Life Hour Rating More than 10,000 hours
Optical System  
Type Converging-Binocular
Magnification Changer 2-Position Rotating Drum
Magnifications: 10x, 15x, 16x, 24x
Ocular Magnifications 12.5x
Ocular Diameter 14mm Wide-Field Eyepieces
Ocular Diopter Adjustment ± 8 D
Ocular Eye Relief Cups 20mm Telescoping
Convergence Angle 6° Stereo Angle
Standard Features  
Slit Width 14mm (Continuous)
Slit Length 14mm (Continuous)
Slit Apertures 0.2, 1, 3, 4, 6, 10 and 14mm
Slit Angles 0° – 180°
Filters Cobalt Blue, Green (Red-Free), Heat-Absorbing and Diffusing

2-Step LED
BM 900 LED
Ultra M3 LED
the Competition

Type   Greenough Converging   Greenough Converging   Greenough Converging   Greenough Converging
Magnification Change   2-Position Objective Rotation   2-Position Objective Rotation   2-Position Objective Rotation   2-Position Objective Rotation
Eye Piece Diameter   14mm   10mm   not disclosed   14mm
Eye Piece Magnification   10x, 15x   10x, 16x,   10x, 16x   10x, 16x
Objective Magnification   1x, 1.6x   1x, 1.6x   1x, 1.6x   1x, 1.6x
Diopter Adjustment   ñ6D   ñ8D   10x eyepiece ñ8D/ 16x eyepeice ñ10D   10x eyepiece ñ8D/ 16x eyepeice ñ10D
PD Adjustment   49 – 90mm   54 – 94mm   52 -82mm   10X – 55-82mm, 16X – 51-78mm
Field of View   20mm, 14mm, 12.5mm and 9mm   18mm, 11.3mm, 8mm and 5mm   18mm, 11.25mm – 10x eyepiece 15mm and 9.3mm – 16x eyepiece   18mm, 14mm, 11.25mm and 9mm
Light source   LED   LED   LED   LED
Color Temperature   4300K   not disclosed   3500K   not disclosed
Max. Intensity (lux)   1,086,000   600,000   not disclosed   not disclosed
Illumination Control Location   Adjacent to the joystick   Under table power supply box   Adjacent to the joystick   Adjacent to the joystick
Lifespan   15,000 hours   15,000 hours   not disclosed   1,500 hours
ILLUMINATION TOWER                
Built-In Filters   Cobalt blue, Red-free, Neutral Density and Yellow, UV-cut (built-in)   Cobalt blue, Heat absorbing, Red-free, 10% Grey   Cobalt blue, Red-free, Blue correction, Yellow   Cobalt blue, Red-free, 13% ND and Heat Absorbing
External Filters   diffusing   Diffusing   diffusing   none
Slit Width   0 – 14mm (continuously variable)   0 – 8mm (continuously variable)   0 – 14mm (continuously variable)   0 – 9mm (continuously variable)
Slit Length   1 – 14mm (continuously variable)   1 – 8mm (continuously variable)   1 – 14mm (continuously variable)   1 – 8 mm (continuously variable)
Apertures diameter   0.2, 1, 3, 4, 6, 10, 14mm   0.2, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8mm   0.2, 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 14mm   0.2, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 9mm
Slit Angles   0ø – 180ø   0ø – 180ø   0ø – 180ø   0ø – 180ø
Slit Inclination   5ø, 10ø, 15ø, 20ø   5ø, 10ø, 15ø, 20ø   5ø, 10ø, 15ø, 20ø   5ø, 10ø, 15ø, 20ø
Slit Decentration   5ø left or right direction   5ø left or right direction   5ø left or right direction   5ø left or right direction
Vertical Movement (z-axis)   30mm   30mm   30mm   30mm
Longitudinal Movement (x-axis)   118mm   100mm   105mm   90mm
Lateral Movement (y-axis)   99mm   100mm   95mm   100mm
Fine Base Movement (joystick)   ñ15mm (y), ñ7.5mm (x)   ñ15mm (y), ñ10mm (x)   ñ15mm   ñ7.5mm
Warranty   3 Years   1 Year   3 Years   1 Year