Dry Eye Analyzer


  • A dedicated platform for dry eye diagnosis, provides complete dry eye tests according to the recommendation of TFOS DEWS II report
  • 8 mp high resolution camera and outstanding optical design bring high level of detail and clarity
  • Can be mounted on majority of slit lamps, easy to be integrated into any practice seamlessly
  • Step-by-step instruction for dry eye exam
  • Possible to create a custom protocol

Evaluate the meibomian glands with infrared light, the software provides automatic evaluation of loss area.
Non-invasive breakup time
Automatically analyze break-up area, first and average break-up time for tear stability evaluation.
Record a video of blinking process to observe the surface reflection pattern and dynamics of the tear film.
Tear meniscus height
Evaluate tear meniscus height that is observed on the eyelid margins. Up to 5 measurement points can be taken.
Fluorescein staining
Evaluate the areas of damage on the ocular surface after application of the fluorescein dye. Compare your images with grading scales incorporated in the software.
Eye redness could be one of the symptoms of dry eye disease. Compare your images with grading scales incorporated in the software.
MGD can cause the glands to become blocked, impacted, and infected. Capture high resolution under white LED illumination, and compare your images with grading scales included in the software.


Test Drive Moptim Dry Eye Analyzer for 60-Days

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Image Resolution 8,000,000 pixels
Image Dimensions 3864 x 2218 pixels JPEG
Acquisition Mode Multi-shot photos, video
Focus and Exposure Manual and automatic
Covering Area Maximum 8 mm
Camera Colored, sensitive to infrared
Light Source Infrared LED, Blue and white LED

Working Distance 3 mm - 50 mm
Ports USB 3.0
Power Supply 5 V
Dimension 170mm (H) x 54mm (W) x x 64~110mm (L)
Weight 427g (including main body, 4 lenses and 1 wireless camera shutter)
Accessories Standard: wireless camera shutter, lenses, briefcase, desktop lens case, slit lamp adapters; optional:complete holder,instrument table

Operating System Windows 10 64 bit
System Requirement Intel core i3, RAM 8GB, hard disk 200G, screen resolution: 1920*1080
Exams Fluorescein staining, NIBUT, FBUT, interferometry, meibography, tear meniscus height, redness, eyelid margin
Environment Run as Administrator