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Fully Loaded, LCD Vision Acuity Chart and Patient Education System

Your favorite standard, specialty and patient education charts are now at your fingertips – along with an array of masking and the ability to quickly program your preferred test sequence. The IBEX Acuity System is a truly comprehensive solution for fast and fun acuity testing — we even include a complete installation kit so that everyone can easily install this ultralight 5.5lb. unit in 20 minutes or less.

Key Features

  • Modern 17” HD LCD Flat Panel
  • IR Wireless Remote Control
  • Working Distance: 6ft to 24ft / 2m to 7.3m
  • Forward or Reversed for Mirrored Exam Lanes
  • Widest Array of Charts Including ETDRS
  • Flexible Mounting Options – wall or desk
  • Customizable On-screen Scripts
  • Randomization Feature to Prevent Patient Memorization
  • Personalized Presentations via Removable SD Card or USB Device
  • Complete IBEX Installation Kit – An industry first!

Test Drive IBEX for 60-Days

The best way for you to experience an IBEX Acuity System is to take it for a Test Drive. In fact, we offer all customers an unprecedented 60-day Test Drive and Money Back Guarantee. We are confident in our products, since introducing IBEX Slit Lamps in 2012, more than 98% of our customers love it’s performance. We’re sure that you’ll feel the same way!

Three-Year Comprehensive Warranty

IBEX Slit Lamps are guaranteed for thirty-six months against faulty workmanship, materials or factory assembly. The Warranty is a Return-To-Base (RTB) Basis at the cost of the customer. All parts and services rendered are included at no additional cost to the customer and in most cases the work is completed within 2-3 working days.

Unrivalled Price

For independent eyecare professionals only: $ 2,795.00 CAD

By working directly with ECPs there is no haggling with reps to cut a deal, allowing us to offer complete transparency in our pricing.

  • LCD 17 inch XGA panel
  • Remote Control IR (2-AA batteries)
  • Brightness >200 cd/m2
  • Power Input: 100/240V AC, 50/60 Hz
  • Output: 12VDC
  • Power Consumption 20W (max)
  • Dimension (L/W/H) 17” X 14.5” X 1.6” (440mm X 370mm X 40mm)
  • Net Weight 5.5lb (2.5kg) without power supply

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the Competition

Platform   All-in-one   External Junction Box   Lenovo All-in-one
Display Size   17″   19″   20″
Dimension (L/W/H)   17.3″ X 14.5″ X 1.57″   19.88″ X 16.91″ X 3.25″   19.9′ X 16.7″ X 9.8″
Weight   5.5lbs   10lbs   19.49lbs
Max resolution   1280 X 1024   N/A   1600 X 900
Controller Type   IR Remote Control   IR Remote Control   IR Remote Control or optional tablet
Working distance (Direct-Throw)   6ft to 24ft   6ft to 31ft   2ft to 40ft
Mirror Set up   yes   yes   yes
Maximum Brightness   200 cd/m2   220 cd/m2   81-155 cd/m
5-Grade   yes   no   no
Decimal   yes   yes   yes
LogMAR   yes   yes   yes
Snellen (ft)   yes   yes   yes
Snellen (Meter)   yes   yes   yes
Square Configuration   yes   yes   yes
V Configuration   yes   yes   yes
Sloan Letter   yes   yes   yes
Snellen Chart   yes   yes   yes
Tumbling E   yes   yes   yes
Landolt C   yes   yes   yes
Numbers   yes   yes   yes
Generic Pediatric Pictures   yes   yes   yes
Allen Symbols   yes   yes   yes
Random Chart   yes   yes   yes
Single   yes   yes   yes
Vertical   yes   yes   yes
Horizontal   yes   yes   yes
Red / Green   yes   yes   yes
Background color (White to Black or Black to White)   yes   no   yes
Character Contrast Mode   yes   yes   yes
Optotypes Size Display   yes   yes   yes
Specialty Chart
Contrast sensitivity test (sine-wave grating)   yes (Unique test sequences)   yes (manual operation)   yes
EDTRS   yes   yes   yes
Low Visionj   yes   yes   yes
Cross Cylinder   yes   yes   yes
Astigmatic Test   yes   yes   yes
Ishihara   yes   N/A   yes
Cross Grid   yes   yes   yes
Fixation Point   yes   yes   yes
Worth Four Dot   yes   yes   yes
Binocular Balance   yes   yes   yes
Coincidence Test   yes   yes   yes
Schober Test   yes   yes   yes
Traffic Light (Signal Test)   yes   no   no
Stereopsis (Binocular)   yes   yes   yes
Import and Display custom Images   yes   yes   yes
Play Movie   yes   yes   yes
Customizable Test Sequence   yes   N/A   yes
Including Wall Mount   yes   yes   yes
Software upgradeable   yes   yes   yes
Expansion Slot (USB, SD card)   yes   yes   yes
Warranty   3 Years   2 Years   1 year