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Trevi Technology, creators of IBEXeye Ophthalmic Instruments, operates under one key principle – substance over image. All research, clinical field testing, product designs and manufacturing are seamlessly integrated so that the end result – the substance – is best in class. No short cuts and no excuses.

ophthalmic binocular indirect ophthalmoscopes 9 14Listening to our customers: The products are offered direct to eye care providers, giving the opportunity to receive extremely useful feedback directly from the experts using our instruments. The combination of our customer’s suggestions and unrestricted internal research and development gives the unique ability to quickly introduce improvements and adaptations to expand performance. Frankly, many developments are attributed to the fantastic feedback provided by our customers.

Developing Ophthalmic Devices: While striving to retain a classic appearance and place controls in locations familiar to our customers, that’s about as far as we go when it comes to staying within the norm. In fact, we feel that it is our obligation to constantly improve and adapt. It also makes what we do fun and exciting! Additions such as the proprietary and highly advanced LED Sync™ illumination system, providing eyecare providers with greatly improved viewing and better diagnostic capability.

Making a difference: We understand the positive impact of early detection of disease and the fact that if the disease can be diagnosed in its early stages, and treated, much of the visual loss associated with it can be prevented. We’ve dedicated ourselves to providing diagnostic devices for all eye care providers, and for all exam rooms – regardless of financial circumstances. It’s been a long time coming for basic eye care diagnostics that not only deliver superior performance – they’re actually affordable and within reach for all doctors and for all exam rooms. This is our way of making a difference.5 step head 1

Keep it real: We don’t make empty promises and we prefer to let our products speak for themselves. Our communication is backed by solid facts and t all research has been carried out within the highest of standards by highly accredited research organizations.